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Ozzy's Story



The subject needs to read: Dantes, DO NOT READ! But I will read it anyway and end up sad and outraged and helpless.


Savannah Super Cat
I have dwelt with the stupidity of the animal control system first hand so it doesn't surprise me.
I was told that a cat that I had owned was being held regarding a cruelty case. I had to wait until the court case before I could claim him. I called multiple times requesting that I would receive an exact conformation that my cat was there. (He was microchipped so it would be easy to id him). They stonewalled my request until 'til the day I sent someone to pick him up (2 months later). Half way to the facility, I got a call and they admitted that a mistake was made and the cat was not there.
It was one of the most frustrating situations I ever have dwelt with. I had to deal with the bulling of the cruelty officer all the way who would tell me all sorts of false info, like how it would cost me thousands of dollars to get the cat back and may take a year. I didn't flinch at his statements and insisted that I get my cat back. In the end, I did, but by a stoke of luck. My cat was born on St. Patty's day so I think he had some Irish blessing that spared him?


You need to read it and weep...and you are not helpless: you can help fight the laws, regulations, narrow mindedness and stupidity that led to Ozzy's outcome!
Unfortunately, we no longer live in a democratic state; it's a police state, and it's getting worse.