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Well the Vet thinks this is what Tetsu is going through. He is 6 years old.
He is not eating much.
He has dropped a lot of weight from 14ish down to 10.4.
Blood work was done and came back showing things that
do point to pancreatitis. The Vet said to keep him eating
and do what ever it takes to get food into him. Right now
we are back to feeding him kitten formula and that did
show a marked improvement. Tonight we added some pain
control meds to his list of meds. Well he is only on 1 antibiotic
and the pain meds. I can tell you that he hated the liquid
antibiotic that is banana flavored. The Vet wants to add some
anti nausea meds and change the antibiotic.

Can anyone that has had to deal with this fill me in on the course of things

Here is my sick boy.


Thanks for the help



Savannah Super Cat
So sorry to hear this. Have you tried mixing his antibiotic in some tuna juice? I know it's banana flavored, I would love it but, I don't think a cat would like banana flavoring.


Staff member
If you search 'pancreatitis' from the home page you will find several threads on the subject. The most recent is 'Dooley still challenged' - if you go to that thread and read the most recent entries there are several illuminating posts on the topic.

Pancreatitis is a challenging disease but I think you are doing the right thing with the antibiotics, and the pain and nausea medications. I'm not sure what kitten formula you are using but I would suggest trying a bland diet to start with, e.g., plain boiled chicken or even (human) baby food chicken (stage I that only has chicken and water or broth in it). Also, make sure he is drinking enough and staying hydrated - you can tell if he is dehydrated by pinching the skin on the nape of his neck - if it doesn't immediately spring back into place he may be dehydrated. You can syringe him water, or even give him subcutaneous fluids if your vet feels this is necessary.

Good luck with Tetsu, I hope he recovers quickly!!


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The kitten formula is from KMR. Pre mixed in a can. He seems to like that.
The one thing I think I won't do is give him any meds or feedings in my
room because that is his safe place. Right now he is hanging out at the edge
of the bed under the quilt where it hangs over. Because it's a water bed it warm
under there. Also in addition to the KMR he is also getting some goat milk that
he also seems to like. I had talked to the vet about what I was going to give him.
I think when I am at the Vet tomorrow he will be switching Tetsu from the liquid
to pil form antibiotic. We will see how he is doing in 24 to 36 hours and I'll keep you posted.




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Hi Sean. My Rafiki went thru this. The pain resulted in her not wanting to eat and she did not really resume eating until the pain was under control. Until then, I fed her Gerber and Beechum chicken baby food off my finger. Treatment included pain meds (liquid), antibiotics (pill), Pepcid for her tummy, anti nausea med (pill) and subcutaneous fluids for 2 weeks. I wrote about it in threads "liver fibrosis" and "Dooley still challenged".

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Do look at the other posts. Agreed with Patti that something bland like boiled chicken or chicken baby food is probably best...of course anything he eats helps when it comes to pancreatitis so the KMR is not at all bad. With the baby food, often warming the jar and offering by the teaspoon makes a difference, something about the level of service might please them, I don't know!

If he's disliking the liquid antibiotic then a pill can be preferable.Try coating the pill in something so that even if you are pushing down his throat it has a pleasant aftertaste, this can make them easier to pill... you can try butter but it makes the pill slippery, cheese or pill pockets. I don't think most cats will eat a pill hidden that way, especially in this situation ... I also agree with Rafiki's suggestion of pepcid to help his tummy and an anti nausea med and even an appetite stimulant might help greatly here. Good luck and keep us updated!


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Went to the Vet again :( and he sent me home with a different antibiotic in pill form
that he also said had a good taste for cats. I also came home with some anti nausea.
anti-diarrhea and pain meds. He said keep up with the one he gave me the other day
that promotes hunger and said to pick up a tube Nutri-Cal.
I will ask the Vet about Pepcid.

The one thing he said to avoid was tuna do to the risk of mercury poisoning.

He does seem to be in a little less in discomfort and his next feeding is coming up soon.
The other thing that makes me think he is a bit more stable is he is warmer now.

I will make a run to the store to pick up some baby food. Too bad they don't have
cream of mouse stew. So chicken will just have to do. Plus he likes chicken.


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Here's a tip on the Nutrical......I was told that if that cat does not find it palatable, place it on their paw and they will lick it off. NOT! Rafiki shook her paw and splattered Nutrical all over the wood floor, carpet, rurniture, walls, me, etc. This stuff does not easily wash off of these surfaces (well, with the exception of me). Do yourself a favor and place the dab of this stuff in his mouth and not on his paws!


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What were you given for pain meds?

I did not use it for very long but I strongly believe that the pain meds were instrumental in getting my baby to eat again and start the road to recovery.

John Popp

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Sorry I didn't see this earlier, still nursing our boy back to health. In our case with Dooley, pancreatitis turned out to be a symptom and not the primary issue. Dooley's issue turned out to be an intestinal obstruction which led to the clinical signs of pancreatitis.

From what little I know, lots of potential causes, many relating to the small intestine or IBD. With Dooley, lots of other things going on to distract the doctors and they missed the root cause. In that light, the most important thing to do is keep Tetsu hydrated.

Keep us posted and feel better Tetsu!