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Paper dunnage


Site Supporter
I think that I have found the best SV toy out there....paper dunnage! With Rafiki's arrival, I find myself unwilling to waste time shopping so I have been doing most of my shopping on-line. I have become very fond of stores that pack the item with paper dunnage.....the longer the better! We have wooden floors and we place several long strips of this paper at each end of the living room. We toss Rafiki's favorite little foam balls across the room and she slides across the floor on the paper. Even if I miss throwing the ball onto the paper, she will figure out a way to slide! Basically, this is a "slip n slide" for pussycats!


Staff member
I bought a huge roll of this at Lowes. There's always a long piece out for them to play with and when they're bored with it, they tear it into teensy pieces and play with the pieces.


Savannah Super Cat
I know that watch the hand move. Trying to adjust their toys without ur hand becoming a casualty. Been there done that and have the bloody hands to prove it. Haha