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Part Savannah? Part Bengal? Or just tabby?


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This little guy is listed as a 3 month old gray tabby in a local animal rescue shelter.

Just wondering if anyone thought he might be part savannah or bengal - or if he really is just a gray tabby, as they have listed.

Gemini.jpg Gemini2.jpg
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Thanks, Paige. I was kind of thinking the same thing....he looked a little stocky to me for savannah. But then I read that there are marble domestic tabbies, too....

A friend of mine has toyed with the idea of getting a savannah, but perhaps she would go for a possible rescue bengal LOL


Staff member also could just be a dsh marble...that is really what he/she looks like ;)

Brigitte Cowell

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I would think DSH (domestic shorthair) as the "bullseye" of the classic pattern is pretty clear, generally speaking with the Bengal influence the bullseye gets distorted and looks more like swirls...but there is a possibility there is some Bengal in there somewhere. I don't see any Savannah traits...remember kittens of all breeds have relatively larger ears, most breeds expect them to "grow into" their ears. Only a few (like the Savannah) hope the ears continue to grow along with the ears!