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Paul Beeson - Dumps 17 Savannah Cats - Massive Savannah Rescue Underway - Donations Needed!!!!


Staff member
Hello Savannah Community,


In the last 2 weeks Paul Beeson, owner of "AAA Savannahs" and "Amazing Savannahs" has dumped 17 Savannah and Bengal cats (mostly Savannah) with a local rescue, that then contacted us. These cats are in rough shape and need a lot of help.

They have parasites, fleas and a number have upper respiratory infections . Many of them are skeletal in appearance, indicating long term care issues. All of the males are covered in battle wounds from fighting. Most of these poor souls are missing patches of fur , from fighting or having fleas and mites for so long. None of them have been spayed or neutered. These cats are not at a shelter. A couple of angels have stepped in as foster parents and saved them from that fate in an area where a shelter would mean certain death.

In the coming days and weeks we will need funds to get these beautiful animals back into good health, get them spayed/neutered and get them the forever homes they rightly deserve.

If you can help us, please make donations via PayPal to as our bank account is going to be bottomed out trying to care for all these cats.

This is a really busy time for us, please excuse us if we cannot respond to individual questions for more info immediately. Our Savannah community has been so generous in the past, we hope you can help us help these cats now! is the Paypal address, please email if you would prefer to mail a check.

You can also donate from our website by clicking on the donate button -

Thank you so much!

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