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PC log on issues


Savannah Super Cat
I'm trying to log on to the forum on my PC with no luck. I've only logged on via tapatalk and it would seem that my user name and password for the tapatalk account do not work when I try them on my PC. Am I doing something wrong?
I tried to send admin message about this but it fails to go through as well. Starting to drive me nuts not getting to log on to the site with my PC and be able to use all the features.

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Staff member
Paige it says his message is awaiting moderation but I can't find where he's moderated, or how to unmoderate him - can you take a look when you get a sec?


Savannah Super Cat
Woo Hoo! I've got PC access to the site now! Look out, emoticons-a-plenty to follow! :lol::p
Thanks, Paige and Patti for getting me all set up!


Staff member
You were never moderated... You just were not using the correct password. Glad it is all sorted out!

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