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Pee No Smell

Matt D

Savannah Teenager
Hello all! My wife and I recently moved to Florida from PA with our 5-6 year old male Savannah we rescued. In the past he has had peeing problems on the beds which we solved. He has been good for well over a year and a half. We also started feeding him Science Diet Urinary SO as he has had UTI's in the past.

In saying all of that, we have been in our new apartment for about a month and he has been great. No issues to speak of. Tonight, he was sitting on the love seat and he started peeing again. This is very odd as he never went for the couches before. We normally keep a blanket on the couch and when I went to pick it up I noticed it didn't smell at all. In the past the smell has been very bad which has always made us realize when did it. It was totally clear tonight.

There are some cats that hang around outside and he has been whining at the window at them. My worry is that with the lack of smell that it may be a kidney issue. It seems odd that it randomly started again today and the smell was gone. Normally when he pees we can tell even when he uses the litter boxes.

We also recently have him Frontline per the vets recommendation for this area.

Has anyone seen this before?


Staff member
A lack of odor is usually not a bad thing, it just means the urine is probably pretty dilute. However, given his past issues it certainly wouldn't be unreasonable to have a vet check him over and possibly run some labs and a UA on him just to make sure. I suspect it is the cats outside that triggered the event - is there any way you can keep them away from the apartment?

Matt D

Savannah Teenager
We are trying to scare the other cats away when we see them. Is there another way to get them to stay away?


Savannah Super Cat
Are the other cats strays or owned? If they're not owned I would rent a love trap and get them to the shelter. Unaltered cats outside sure can disrupt an indoor cat. I wouldn't be concerned by lack of smell but would go in for an UA asap. Stress can cause a UTI flair up with cats prone to them- regardless of the RC Urinary S/O diet.