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Peeing on Cloths

Todd L

Savannah Super Cat

So im having some issues with my F2. He a great cat and has gotten well acclamated to the house and family, however he has one issue. He looks for clothes and then pees on them. And his litter boxes are perfectly clean. Any thoughts how to break him of this? He also pees in his litter boxes but sometimes he just decides clothes are a better choice.

This has become an issue as i travel for a living and last week i went to pack my business clothes to find out low and behold he left me a nice smelly present on a couple business shirts. Needless to say i wasnt very happy about it. But couldnt do anything to him as i didnt catch him in the act that time.

Anyways i really need to get him broke of this, Any and all help would be appreciated.

Btw we have an F5 at the house too but he uses litterbox always. Didnt know if having another SV in the house is causing the F2 to do this.

Also there both males and are both fixed. And there best buds even sleep and clean each other.

Anyways like a said any and all help is appreciated.



Savannah Kitten
I would put him back in a small room with the litter box and see if this will help retrain him.
Only let him out when you can keep a very close watch on him.
using the cat attract is a good idea also.

Also, just keeping your clothes up and in closets will keep them out of harms way.

Todd L

Savannah Super Cat
i live in a loft with no closets. Makes it a little hard but im going to work on something when i get home from my current business trip.


Staff member
Oooh, that is not a good set-up. Some cats really like to pee on clothing/material. I think the Cat Attract litter may help, but not sure it will fix the problem completely. If you have clothes that need to be hung up you might want to invest in a wardrobe (check places like Goodwill for a nice used one). If he is actually breaking into a dresser then invest in velcro (I use it myself, works great as long as he doesn't decide to chew it) or the baby safety latches so that he can't get into the drawers. Also, get a laundry hamper that has a secure lid.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Yes, I think you need to find a way to put your clothes away such that he can't get to them to pee on them... whether it is a piece of furniture or crates with lids ... maybe take a picture of your current set up and post it here and maybe someone will have an ingenious idea on how you could stop him getting to your shirts, etc?


Staff member
Who is at home with him when you're out of town? Is he strongly bonded to you? Is there a chance that his peeing is separation anxiety?

Todd L

Savannah Super Cat
My wife is with him everyday all day. And he will pee on her cloths too. So i dont think its separation anxiety.