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Peeing on couch

alicia griffin

Savannah Super Cat

My Henry is almost 2 now! Awhile back I noticed he was peeing in laundry baskets on clothes. I immediately got my vet to come over as I pat a cat previous with numerous urine issues and thought it could be an infection. Turns out Henry had crystals in his urine, ended up with a blockage, treated, and now has been rechecked and all is fine. He is on urinary low crystal type prescription diet that he loves. The problem is now he keeps peeing on my couch again! And more laundry. I have cleaned and cleaned. Put plastic sheeting over it to discourage him but the weirdo loves crinkly plastic things. I have a litter robot open air which he was using fine previously. It has been scrubbed and kept super clean. I even change the bags before they are full just not to upset him. I ordered a foil blanket to go over the couch until he stops associating the litter box with pain. I'm guessing that is what the problem is. The couch peeing is a new habit. I read somewhere that they don't like hoods over the litter boxes and I'm hoping that isn't the case because as you all know the Litter Robot is expensive! But I've had it a year now with no problems.

Any advice?



Staff member
Are you using Anti-Icky Poo to clean the places he's peed? For the couch, you need to make sure the solution penetrates deep. I think there's an injection tool that you can get with the anti-icky poo. I would try putting an open litter box next to the litter robot and see if he uses it. Perhaps in time, he'll transition back to the litter robot though it could take quite a while.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
"Using fine" can really mean "barely tolerated"...and the crystals in his urine may have been the straw that broke the camel's back when it comes to the automated litterbox. It's not uncommon for cats to refuse this kind of litterbox situation. As Witchy suggests, a large open litterbox with Cat Attract litter is going to be the best chance of him returning to use a litterbox... and you can see over time if he will return to tolerating the Litter Robot in future. The biggest issue right now is to prevent him developing a habit of NOT using a litterbox.

Dirty laundry needs to be put in lidded laundry baskets, clean laundry needs to be folded and put away swiftly... and nothing left out for him to pee in. Just remove that option.

As Witchy mentions, the couch needs to be thoroughly cleaned with something like Anti Icky Poo (also Unique Distributors Odor Eliminator is good, and can work out more economical)... cat's noses are more sensitive than our human ones so I suggest soaking once more after you think it clean. The problem with couches is that the urine can soak down deep into the padding or foam cushions so you need to be sure to soak the area... I've even used the injector thingy that the Anti Icky Poo website offers for injecting into the carpet be sure to get the enzyme cleaner deep down into the couch. Keep putting the plastic over the couch in the meantime and keep cleaning that (also with enzyme cleaner, remember that things like bleach can actually attract a cat to pee)... and offer the open large litterbox and see how it goes. Good luck!


Savannah Teenager
What type of food do you feed him.? My 2 yr old Savannah has struvite crystals and a inflamed bladder. They have him on Prazosin and prescription urinary food. I’m so sad. I try to feed my animals good food and this.