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Peeing on the bed


Site Supporter
So Bella's new house mate a 3Mo siamese male seems to think that peeing on my bed between the pillows is the place to go.
I have been washing things with Natures Miracle. But in reading other threads about peeing in inappropriate places I see that
is not the stuff to use so I guess I see if I can find Anti Icky Poo. I guess it going to be rewash everything again. What I had been
doing is spray with Natures Miracle and then wash with a dose of it in with the soap, wash soda and a rinse with vinagar in place
of the fabric softener. Comes out not smelling to my nose. But we all know cat noses are better at sniffing things.

Now to find the way he is doing this. None of the other cats have ever peed on my bed. Xander is doing it right between the pillows.
The first time might of been an accident do to not being able to get back to his box and the more resent ones could be the smell that
Natures Miracle was not removing 100% ? Any ideas I am willing to try.

Thanks for the help.


Staff member
Do you have anything with down in it on your bed? Cats love to pee on down comforters, pillows, etc. Don't just wash with the Anti Icky Poo, soak the mattress (literally pour a bunch on the mattress where he goes) let it dry, then resoak . Do you have a litterbox in your room? If not, you might want to consider one, and use Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract litter, that should encourage him to go in the proper place.


Site Supporter
My room is about 20' to his box in an "L" shape. When he is in here the doors are both open and the hall is blocked off with a baby gate with cardboard to act as a wall. The one big up side to a water bed is that things don't soak into the mattress. The stuff he got today was the sheets and mattress pad Both got stuff dumped on them and let sit for a while. The pillows got sprayed down on the edge that might of gotten hit.

The top cover happens to be a painters tarp I got because Bella likes to rip quilts. Under the tarp is a soft blanket and then the sheets with the mattress pad being the last thing. What he did was burrow into the sheets before I made the bed today and made a nice wet spot.

As I recall the very first accident he had on the bed was about the same place. So it could be a a marked spot that he is going back to.
So I still soak and let dry the pad and sheets when I apply the Anti Icky Poo then do it again once dry the second time wash?

I will be going shopping tomorrow and will see if I can find a box that will fit in my room. I might look for one that Bella can't use so he has his own place. Speaking of Bella. She is hanging out in my room more now and enjoying some treats. I tried to play Sean go fetch but we could not find the fuzzy ball so had to settle for the red laser. She does what a Serval would do to kill prey and just knocks the snot out of that little red dot.

BTW I think I should make a post about lasers and the hazards. Did you know that the cheap green ones can blind do to the hidden UV light
that can leak past the internal optical filters? Also that the tag on them in a lot of cases of the cheap ones can be way off and make you think
they are safe when they are not? The thing is UV reflects a lot easier. I post the video I watched the other day. After seeing that video I will not
ever use a green with any pets.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
"So I still soak and let dry the pad and sheets when I apply the Anti Icky Poo then do it again once dry the second time wash?"

I'm not sure I understand, what you might do with the bedding is just soak it in Anti Icky Poo (for at least an hour), then throw in the wash. No need to dry. Patti was suggesting with a mattress where you really do want to get the enzyme cleaner into the mattress and then repeat the process. But with your water bed it's not so necessary.

It may be that you need to be a little paranoid with your bedding for a while, make the bed immediately on getting up in the it's all smoothed out and not so attractive a place for this. Rumpled bedding can be irresistable but given the top cover of your bed is a painter's tarp that should help!

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
It may be a trial and error thing... removing pillows and putting in the closet during the day and just smoothing out that painter's tarp over the bed? I think it likely a temporary thing and in say a month you could reintroduce the pillows and see?


Site Supporter
I let him back in today. I did things that made him stay on the floor so he could play. But I also put a big section of cardboard
right where the accident happened. Bella was a big help in that she sort of helped to keep his attention. We almost had a nose
contact. I was holding him and Bella was inching closer from her spot and sniffing at him. Got down to the last 6" space and then
she gave in and hissed. But it's progress on that part. If I can solving the peeing on the bed it's going to be good.