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pet only vs breeder


Savannah Super Cat
Hello everyone I have a question concerning kitten postings I see a lot on the internet for savannahs and some kittens are marked as pet only where others are available for breeding. What factors in if a kitten should be pet only vs breeder? Just curious!:)


Staff member
Breeders are evaluated by how close to the TICA standard the cat is which means they are more likely to pass on those good qualities to their offspring. Pet quality may be just a bit off on the standard -- perhaps the ears are not large enough or properly positioned or there is something a tiny bit off on nose width, leg length, color.


Another thing to consider...some breeders wish to place kittens in pet homes ...just because a kitten is advertised as pet only does not mean they are not breeder quality;>) There are some breeder quality babies out there that would really do wonders for a breeding program, but the breeder had rather see them in a perfect pet home.


Staff member
It is not true that breeders selling savannah kittens as pets means that the kitten may not be up to the standard. My kittens are all going as pets not breeders...I don't wish to sell my kittens as breeders at this time. Three of my kittens are definitely show quality - I just don't want to sell as breeders. My choice and doesn't mean they are not show or breeder quality.


Staff member
There are a few breeders who prefer not to sell any of their kittens as breeders but for the most part, at least with most of the breeders I know, the decision is based more in line with what Deborah described, deciding by comparing a kitten to the written standard, or if the kitten has a nonstandard coat or pattern it will most likely be sold as a pet. I personally would much rather have my kittens all go as pets, but if there is one who I think will excel as a breeder or a show kitten I would rather see it used in that capacity as it will serve to improve the breed, which is one of our goals as breeders (and we can't keep them all ourselves!)


Savannah Super Cat
I am with you Patti, I have a tall/big F4SBT girl I cannot keep, but she has so many good qualities (just love her nose) I prefer to find a breeder first. I don't want to sell a poor quality cat as a breeder. My cattery name will follow also with the cat.