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pheromone sprays for kittens



Does anyone here have any experience with the pheromone sprays. I recently read that it can help ease a new kitten that is shy and nervous. I know nothing about them, and would like some imput before I try anything like that. thanks everyone


Reincarnated cat Moderator
No experience with the sprays.
But He will come around. Give him some time to acclimate to the new home. What Witchy said about a box. ;)


Savannah Super Cat
I have a difficult cat that was clearly not properly socialized by the breeder. He has been a handful in the first 7 months we've been together. There has been a feral cat skulking around our house and Turbo (my kitty) gets set off by this and was marking with pee and poop quite regularly. I purchased the feliway diffuser and I must say that it has seemed to noticeably calm him down. He even seems to sleep and rest/ relax/ snuggle better than before too. Now by noticeably I don't mean night and day. BUT, a noticeable change nonetheless. I recommend this product. Make sure to "quarantine" the cat especially if other pets are around. I think making a kitten's world smaller in the beginning helps them feel more safe and secure. A large size bathroom with a diffuser in there and a little hiding spot would probably be nice. Make sure if the kitten goes outside the box that it is cleaned thoroughly with an enzymatic cleaner otherwise they will just keep repeating at the same location.