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Photo calendar Contest Voting


Staff member
Here is the link to vote for your favorite photos:

The calendar will be 15 months, so we can get an additional three photos in...PLEASE only vote for 15 photos per person...this is going to have to be on the honor code - I do not have time to police who follows the rules and who does will only be able to vote once for a photo...

The photos will be rated on the 5 star rating...


Savannah Super Cat
Wow, there sure are some beautiful SVs out there!!! :in love: So glad there weren't more photos to choose from. I had a hard enough time as it was!


Savannah Super Cat
Because I have CRS syndrome, I can't remember when the voting is going to be tallied. Does anyone know?


Site Supporter
Hey Trish, you should submitt this pic of Malaika for next years calendar. She is a shu-win! At least this pic is.