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Photo Contest


Staff member
OK - so let's have a photo contest...only issue is that I am having trouble setting up a poll here because of some extra coding I did, so we will have to figure pout another way to do it...I believe we decided to do a best photo of the month, correct? So we would go January through December and the the calendar would come out next year????

Or...I am open to suggestions :)

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Would this be a paper calendar for purchase, or one put on the forum? I'm sure you could squeeze it in somehow here...we could add special dates, like TICA shows, MTB date, etc....:)


Staff member
In a previous life before Brigitte McMinn took over the calendar we used to have photo contests to vote on which pics to use. One year we used a web based polling site which worked pretty well. If you're unable to set up the polls here maybe that would be an alternative option.