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Atari's Mommy

Savannah Adult
Atari is scheduled to be neutered tomorrow morning and I am freaking out because my vet is using a combination of Ketamine and Ace to induce and sedate and then isoflurane gas to maintain. A friend who works in a vet suggested to do a combo of Ketamine and Valium but my doctor does not do Valium. My friend said they have seen bad things with Ace and every cat that they lost, had it. So I researched and now am reading not to use ketamine! I am so nervous and really don't know what to do!!!!

Anyone who has had their savannah's neutered, please give me some feedback. If it makes a difference, he is an F3 male 6 months old

Trish Allearz

Well, I'm probably not going to be much help, but...

If your vet is knowledgeable and you trust him- I wouldn't stress out overly much. In my time working as a vet and all of the animals I've had spayed/neutered, I've never seen one lost during a spay/neuter surgery. It happens- of course, it does- but chances are there was an underlying cause.

If you are that concerned- go ahead and get a basic blood panel. Most vets require them anyways.

It will be okay! Really!


Duma's an F3 and he was neutered along with the ferals at the animal shelter. He turned out just fine...although he did have a ketamine high afterward that made him hyper and crazy, but the next day he was pretty much back to normal. I freaked out beforehand too, but for boys I understand it's a pretty simple procedure.