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Plant Safe for Cats


Staff member
I researched plants to find one safe for my savannah cats...the Bamboo Palm is safe! I have three and they chew on them and fight with them and try to climb them - absolutely no problem!


Savannah Super Cat
Thanks for this list, just referred to it while searching for some new plants for at home :)


Yes it is so sad that flower/plant companies are not more forthcoming about the dangers of some plants so I am so glad to see such a comprehensive list! Thank you!

Also, as a heads up, many online flower company hubs have fine print that says they "can substitute" your order of specific flowers and plants that you may order as a gift if they are not available locally. This makes total sense as why would all local flower companies stock the same thing? As a tip, I always call the shop locally to insure they got the message that the plants MUST be nontoxic!