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Playing in the bath room

Kurt Mylar

Savannah Super Cat
So last night I get up at three in the morning. Half asleep I round the corner and step on wet washcloths on the floor. I see Tiger pulling down the washcloths that my wife keeps on the shelf above the toilet and is dropping them in the bowl, Isis was pulling the washcloths out of the toilet bowl. They were completely soaked. I see Black beauty dragging one wet washcloth into the bath tub. Lily is dragging a washcloth into the closet. Not sure what their current fascination with dipping wash cloths into the toilet is but my wife has since moved them to a more secure location.


Staff member
Wow, Kurt - that is a funny story ;) Guess they were entertaining themselves at 3am?

Kurt Mylar

Savannah Super Cat
This is the first time that any one of my cats showed any interest in the toilet bowl water. I noticed to today that the toilet is now broken and is just running water into the bowl so it does sound like the six water fountains all over my house. I sleep with all six of my babies at night in my bedroom. I finally got Loki to stop playing fetch at 3:00am. I know when it is time to go to bed all six cats gather at the bottom of the stairs and start yelling and as soon as I head up it is a race to see who gets their first.


Animal Communicator
That is amazing!! Zeddie sleeps in my room at night, but she is a brat when its time to go to bed. She will sit in front of my door looking at me and when I get up she runs away -_-