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George's brother
OK most of you know know George, a 7 month old F1 neutered male. He is a wonderful cat and we do as much as we possibly can with him included, travel, school outside activities etc. He was an only kitten and his mother had enough of him by 5 weeks so sometimes he seems not so cat like as you might expect. He and my 14 year old DSH have a hands off relationship. He is not too graceful with her and she is crotchety so they are not buds and she really is not interested in his kitten antics, but they live well together. He is good at entertaining himself, and great at playing with the kids and of course he makes his own kind of trouble when bored. I have been watching him lately and wondering if he needs a buddy to really tear around with? I play fishing pole at least 2 times a day and he does not seem to have the personality to use a wheel so I worry he needs more high action stimulation. However because he was never able to spend an appreciable amount of time with another cat in a play situation I am concerned that I could just be evoking in him a sort of jeaoulsy about another kitten coming in and stealing his people and attention. What advise do folks have about adding a kitten, is there a better age than another, I would just be going for another male (fixed) I really don't think I need to add Diva into the equation. Thanks Cindy


Staff member
First things first -- pleeeeeeeeze post more pics of that doll baby. And, yes, I think it's a great idea to give him a companion. The younger he is when you do that, the better. I don't think being an only child will hamper his ability to adapt to a companion. It does happen sometimes that a cat enjoys being the only one or one of two but it seems more common that they really enjoy having someone to play with and get in trouble with. You can't predict which way it will go -- you just have to have faith. You've probably read enough stories here to know that when the new cat arrives, George should have extra attention to ensure he doesn't feel insecure.


Staff member
I agree with what Deborah has said. Although it is probably not essential that George have a feline companion, his life might be more enriched by sharing it with another furbaby. I think there's no right or wrong answer in this situation, you just need to go with your gut and do what you think is best for George.