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Please Donate to Help Find a Cure for FIP


Staff member
Bria Fund 10th Anniversary Raise the Roof Raffle Update from Susan Gingrich

Announcing the beginning of the second part of our raffle to raise money for FIP research! All donations raised through the raffle will only be used for FIP research-the Winn Feline Foundation takes no administrative fees. The Winn Feline Foundation is approved as a Section 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) of the Internal Revenue Code. Thanks to many generous donors, we have great prizes. I believe they truly represent something for everyone’s interests and desires.

We hope you are as excited as we are and ready to participate. We encourage you to share the raffle information and encourage friends and family to participate. Our hope to end FIP is in the research we help fund. Here is how the raffle process works:

Between October 1st and November 30th, donate to the Winn Feline Foundation and designate the Bria Fund for FIP, for your donation.
Visit www.winnfelinefoundation
Select Give Now
Under Gift Information- select I would like to choose a specific purpose or fund
Drop Down Field appears-select Bria Fund-FIP
Designate your donation amount
Complete your personal information

Donations can be made via a credit card, PayPal, electronic bank transfer, via mailed check, and by phone. More detailed information is contained on our web site using the donate tab. Donor information submitted to Winn is secure and encrypted.

After donating through Winn, visit to complete a donor form, to let us know you donated. For each $5 donated, the donor receives a raffle ticket. The information entered is used to contact winners, and to connect prize donors with the prize winners. Note: Donors must designate all their tickets to specific prize numbers, to participate in the raffle. Please review your form and double-check your math, before submitting it. Donors, as in the past, have the option of donating, without entering to win prizes.

Within a week from submission of the donor form, donors will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of the donor form, and containing raffle ticket numbers for each prize number specified by the donor. We track donors and numbers for each prize. You do not need to produce your electronic ticket numbers. Winners will be drawn for each individual prize from donors designating tickets for the prize. Should any prize have no tickets designated to it, we will draw from all remaining non-winning tickets.

The drawing will be held shortly after November 30th . Prize winners and prize donors will be contacted. Arrangements will be made for sending and receiving prizes. We ask that both parties make arrangements in a timely manner.

For additional information, please contact

We learn more about FIP every year. Amazing progress occurred in the past 10 years, since the Bria Fund was established. Every dollar donated moves us towards our goal of ending FIP. It is up to us, our FIP family, to keep the momentum going, in memory of all the precious fur angels taken by FIP. Together, we will be victorious!!!



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Thank you for posting this Paige. The Winn Foundation has made great strides in its research on FIP (as well as other feline diseases) and needs everyone's support if we are ever going to find a cure or vaccine against this deadly disease.


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Guys... Please find it in your hearts to donate to this cause... Susan has been running this for 10 years! It is their 10 year anniversary...

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