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Please Pray for Cisco


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I rescued Cisco at 5 weeks old from the streets, where he drank water from puddles outside, was freezing cold, along with his brothers, sisters and mother. All his siblings and mom were trapped and given away to good homes...Cisco was the l...See More He joined Rocky (Maine Coon) and I and became part of our family. When Rocky died three years ago, Cisco was so lonely - enter Taj.

Cisco is a sweet, gentle boy - a scaredy cat, who runs under the bed when the doorbell rings...however, Taj, my first savannah brought him out of his shell a bit, then came Zuri, who became his best friend and then Ixas and Cinny, who love him...Cisco really came out of his shell with Zuri and the kittens, playing, romping and cuddling...all things he had not done since he was a baby.

Cisco is now 10 years old and was diagnosed today with pancreatic cancer...I don't know how long he has to live, but I will not let him suffer...however, I want to be sure it it cancer and not something that can be cured...I will know in the next couple of days.

The photos below were taken two days ago and show the love between Cisco and the savannah kittens...a tribute to my gentle gray boy who loves my savannah kittens...

cisco-cinny_web.jpg cisco-cinny_web2.jpg cisco-cinny_web3.jpg cisco-cinny_web4.jpg cisco-cinny-ixas_web.jpg

Well, a good reason to double check diagnoses...thanks goodness, I allowed the biopsies to be done and didn't just take the reading of the ultrasound only...

The problem is not in the Pancreas, but near it, so even though the ultrasound vet told us the mass was in the pancreas and Cisco had pancreatic cancer, it was not true.

It looks like lymphoma, but again, nothing is certain until the biopsies come any case, it would not be the death sentence Cisco was originally given...

I feel more hopeful now...


Staff member
Thank you all! Hopefully, I can bring him home on Saturday and will wait for the biopsy results...

I am just sooo thankful I listened to my vet and my gut and went ahead with the biopsies...with the dx he had, many would have euthanized him :(