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Please pray for my baby


Savannah Super Cat
I am so stressed out!

The last day or two he has had a loss in appetite and his stomach seems bloated. I came home the other night and he had destroyed 2 cords of mine... He chewed them into tiny pieces and I pray that he did not ingest any of them. I am taking him to the vet after work tonight and I just want people to pray for him! I hope it's not serious!!


Chirps & Massive Headbutts
April, praying for your cat! I hope he comes out ok! Thanks for posting as well, this is a good reminder about the dangers of cord chewing/indigestion.

Not sure if any of us can ever be 100% fool proof with cord chewing. I know myself, I'm doing the uber paranoid route with cords.

Electrocution prevention: I've double and triple wrapped and PVC tubed power cables (not coax or speaker wires as likely not an issue for electrocution). Then I apply dish washing detergent and bitter apply spray to hope to avoid chewing. I've covered every outlet as well with Baby's R Us safety devices.

Indigestion prevention: cleaned up many of my messy cords, or tried to minimize them. For cords remaining, I apply dish washing detergent and apply spray. Vacuum and sweep for other odd possible items.

My breeder warned me of leaving out small chewing items like earplugs, etc. So I'm constantly looking out for such hazards. My home is much tidier since Shango's arrival.


Savannah Super Cat
All fingers and paws are crossed here. Hoping and praying that everything will be OK. Sue

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Oh no :-( Please let us know what happens at the vet with your kitten... definitely the chewing up of cords and then the lack of appetite etc is a major cause for concern :-(