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Plotting to take over the world..


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LOL. I had a male Himy that would do that whenever I took a bath. Between the bugged out eyes and the standing position......way too funny!


Well, at least plotting to take over the ballet world, with all those plies.

Thanks for the laugh ;)


Savannah Super Cat
Hi Rafiki, thank you for asking. I'm actually a first time kitten owner and my baby has really been through the ringer. His name is Jinx and, in only 2 weeks, he has become incredibly important to me. It's only been hard seeing what he has to overcome and my feeling bad for what he still is going through. But, luckily for me, I found your community and have found a huge source of comfort and guidance here. (I may have be a TEENY bit over the edge when it comes to Jinx, not having ever had a cat before.) With everyone's help, I now know that everything will be okay….from his diagnoses with FIV, to his recent surgery to his leg and him overcoming ringworm. Y'all have really given me hope. :) Thank you, Rafiki….it means a lot.


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Oh have been thru a lot over the last few weeks! I did not realize the full extent - ringworm infestation alone might drive a new kitten servant over the edge. This forum has some amazing members with all sorts of knowledge on how to deal with various situations. And, we have some that dig up the funniest pictures and videos to simply add a smile.