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poka-dots are cool!


Savannah Child
Just creating a post for the fun of it now that I have my questions posted in the health section about my 10yr old Savannah named Chewie.

Who else finds the way a spot turns to a tiger stripe based on how their cats body is placed? Chewie has always amazed me with the way his camouflage on his coat changes and it took me a few years to get used to it when he was a kitten and young cat.

I also notice that the season tends to play apart of it with his spots getting lighter in the winter compared to his summer coat...seems that he looses a lot of the darker colored hair in his shed right before winter starts.

I find it interesting that when company comes over they always are very taken with how his coat 'transforms' just by stretching out or curling up for a nap.

I'm working on getting some pictures posted but you will all have to hang in there with me until I get a new laptop as I'm down to just my phone at the moment and can't post them from my phone.

Thanks for reading and share some 'transformer' spot/stripe pics please!



Staff member
That's a really interesting observation! I guess I've just always taken it for granted that the pattern 'shifts' with the movement of the cat, but it can be fascinating to watch!


Animal Communicator
I love seeing patterns in Zeddie's fur. Just the other day her spots made themselves in a ): almost a D: