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Poor Amara

David Z

Site Supporter
Well Amara got rushed into the vets this morning. She was acting very weird even for her, hissed and growled at me for the first time ever and would not let me near her. Didn't eat much yesterday either.

Vet did a examination and found 2 of her lower inscissors are lose and bleeding.
All her other teeth looked great.
She goes in Monday morning to get them pulled along with xray to check her jaw and some bloodwork. She has some pain medication to get her threw the weekend.

She had me freaked out this morning with how she was acting, now she's pissed and sulking from the vet visit.
Don't know what the spaz did to loosen her teeth.
Hoping Monday goes well

John Popp

Site Supporter
Possible she jumped off a counter with something in her mouth? Hopefully, she is eating OK for you and hopefully, she won't need them pulled at all.

David Z

Site Supporter
She finally ate few min ago, about 30min after her pain meds, she ate like a lil pig still wants nothing to do with me tho, she's usually like that after a vet trip tho.

David Z

Site Supporter
Just got home with Amara she is minus 2 teeth, groggy and grumpy. Xray was good, blood work was great.
I'm not sure but I have a theory on how she messed up her teeth not 100% sure tho.
2 weeks ago she learned how to open doors, she is sneaky and won't let me watch her do it so I'm thinking she's using her mouth to grab the door handles.
Hoping whatever she done she don't do again.

David Z

Site Supporter
Amara update.
Been busy haven't had a chance to give a proper update.
Amara did amazing up till Friday after her teeth were pulled.
Friday she ate but didn't finish her meals, she was constipated Friday night so pain meds were stopped.
Saturday she ate but very little Sunday was no better.
Vet trip on Monday as soon as vet opened doors. Her mouth is healing great, no explanation for her not eating. She sounded a bit wheezy, Dr. Thinks it might have been from Anesthesia. She got some antobotics.
She seemed a bit nauseous over the weekend aswell so vet sent home some nausea and appetite stimulants. She ate great on Monday prolly too much.
Tuesday she didn't eat breakfast but ate lunch and dinner.
Today she once again snubbed nose at breakfast but ate lunch and dinner.
My vets next step if she doesn't continue getting better is a ultrasound, well now I'm not so sure about a ultrasound. Her lil sister Squeakerz is now not feeling well, hasn't touched her food all today.
I'm going to call vet first thing in a.m. not quite sure what direction to go next if Squeakerz doesn't eat tonight and if Amara doesn't continue to get better.
Worried at the moment if the medication Amara is on is gone, if she will go back to snubbing food.
Doing my best to keep it togather and not freak out, both of them are officially scaring the crap out of me now tho.
Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Site Supporter
Does she get the same food for all three meals? Maybe Amara picked up a bug from the vet and passed it on? My boys have only snubbed food after vaccinations, while teething, and when they had parasites...

Hope it turns out to be a little nothing!

David Z

Site Supporter
Squeakerz finally ate this a.m. and Amara ate her breakfast too.
Amara gets same food except when she steals Squeakerz food.
Hoping that whatever their meowfunctions are that their getting over it. Their scheduled for yearly vaccines this coming Monday might push those back tho.
Amara since teeth were pulled acts kinda like shes teething again, she tried to destroy the comforter last night.