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Poor Amara

David Z

Site Supporter
Well Amara got rushed into the vets this morning. She was acting very weird even for her, hissed and growled at me for the first time ever and would not let me near her. Didn't eat much yesterday either.

Vet did a examination and found 2 of her lower inscissors are lose and bleeding.
All her other teeth looked great.
She goes in Monday morning to get them pulled along with xray to check her jaw and some bloodwork. She has some pain medication to get her threw the weekend.

She had me freaked out this morning with how she was acting, now she's pissed and sulking from the vet visit.
Don't know what the spaz did to loosen her teeth.
Hoping Monday goes well

John Popp

Site Supporter
Possible she jumped off a counter with something in her mouth? Hopefully, she is eating OK for you and hopefully, she won't need them pulled at all.

David Z

Site Supporter
She finally ate few min ago, about 30min after her pain meds, she ate like a lil pig still wants nothing to do with me tho, she's usually like that after a vet trip tho.

David Z

Site Supporter
Just got home with Amara she is minus 2 teeth, groggy and grumpy. Xray was good, blood work was great.
I'm not sure but I have a theory on how she messed up her teeth not 100% sure tho.
2 weeks ago she learned how to open doors, she is sneaky and won't let me watch her do it so I'm thinking she's using her mouth to grab the door handles.
Hoping whatever she done she don't do again.


Savannah Kitten
Amara update:
She had a ultra sound jan 28th. A massive hairball was found in her stomache. After almost a month of medication. She was being a turd and wouldn't leave me alone while I was cooking so I gave her a figure nail sized piece a cheese. Less then 5 minutes later she threw it up along with her hairball. Upon inspection of the massive hairball it was discovered there was very little hair, it was a ball of plastic and pieces of toys wrapped with hair.
After she threw that up, she developed a cough. Which she Is now on prednisone for, haven't heard the cough for a while now since shes been on pred, we are not sure if her cough developed cause of her plastihairball,allergies or her grooming Squeakerz.
So fluffy Squeaks got herself a hair cut. 20190410_073355.jpg

The 3 days of hell following the haircut.
So miss Amara did not approve of he sisters haircut at all, she wanted to do is kill poor lil Squeakz. She spent most of the 3 days in time out, locked in the room, she came around tho on the fourth day to realizing the alien was her lil sis. I sustained a injury due to it all Squeakerz made it threw unharmed. On the second day Squeakz was sleeping so Amara was free, she was on edge tho looking for the alien in the house. I was putting dishes in the dish washer and turd er Amara decided to step into the dishwasher which wasnt an issue till she heard a noise and spun around. When she spun around and tried to jump her leg got stuck in the dishwasher rack. She tried to run and almost did with the rack and dishes in tow. I thought she was going to break her leg I reached down to free her and managed to, sometime during the struggle tho she bit all the way threw the side of my thumb. Everything happened so fast I didn't realize it until I was bleeding all over the place. She felt bad about it.

Since all that everything has been great Amara's pred does was lowered a week ago hoping her cough doesn't come back.

Sorry for not posting in a long time, the site won't let me log in on my other account and I didn't realize this one had got approved.

David Z
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Staff member
Wow, sounds like it has been a rough few months! I hope the trials are all over now and it's smooth sailing from here on out.