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Poor Roseanna

Mr. Twister

Savannah Super Cat
My 17 week old SV kitten Roseanna (she is an F3), developed a hell of a fever and a respiratory ailment over the past day and a half.

Had her to the vet. Had to give her IV fluids, as her temp was 106. Also gave her antibiotics. Luckily she still is eating for me.

She is showing some signs of improvement tonight, but they are very preliminary.

Has anyone else been through this with an SV. I have been through it with other types f cats of the same age, and it's always tough. But I think she is going to be OK.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
It would be a very odd breed if nobody had ever had a Savannah with a respiratory ailment or fever before! This is a common cat complaint, which is why you likely have been through it with other types of cats. And it is no different for a Savannah. Fluids are generally a good idea with fever as dehydration will set in otherwise. Keeping fluids up with her just like when we have a fever. Still eating is great, sometimes when they have an upper respiratory infection, when their noses get blocked and they can't smell their food they won't eat it, so keep an eye on her appetite...and hopefully she will beat the infection soon! Good luck!


Staff member
Kitty 'colds' are a common ailment and most of the time the cat gets through it just fine. As long as she is eating and drinking I think she will be fine. Keep us posted!

Mr. Twister

Savannah Super Cat
Today is the second morning after the start of her meds. It seems the fever has broken. She has been eating, drinking and using the litter box all the way through the illness.

This morning she is roaming a little bit more through the house, but still not enough energy to play or run about. Compared to where she was Friday afternoon, she is recovering well.