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Poor Saga

Trish Allearz


Well, we had an accident last week that caused a lot of cussing and crying- that was all mine.

Poor Saga managed to skin the tip of her tail- it was just a total accident- it can happen as easily as catching a cat tail in the door. She didn't seem to care a bit, but uh- skeleton tail is pretty creepy!

So my gorgeous black nosed, black spotted, golden girl who was supposed to go to Arcadia with me as a show kitty is already retired from the show hall before she even set paw in it! Her tail was amputated- just an inch- and she's fine, but man- it broke my heart!

I don't have a new pic of her tail, but in this pic- that black tip is now gone :(


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Staff member
Trish, I'm so sorry about Saga! Her show career may be over before it started, but she is a gorgeous girl!

And I'm sufre Saga doesn't realize her tail kept her out of the show hall! Just remember...she is still healthy and looks very happy!!! I know your heart is broken and you must feel terrible, but just know Saga is going to be fine...


I am sorry to hear this Trish;>( We sometimes have to sit back and say..WHY ME;>( Saga is a beautiful girl...tail or no. I know you are heart broken to have her tail amputated and the show prospect taken away. Just love that little soul and may get a carbon copy from a repeat breeding? ;>)

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Horrible accident... it's the kind of thing Babbage would do! but she will still be a gorgeous girl even if you can't get the show wins to prove it!

I've seen scalped tail before, we had a DSH develop OCD and fixate on her tail under day came home to a trail of blood and a kitty with an almost completely scalped tail :-( She looks kinda cute now as a "bobtail" and it did fix the OCD by amputating it...still...horrible for all to go through :-(

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
I'm so sorry, Trish! I know you were looking forward to showing her....perhaps a nice baby from her next year will be your show kitty :)


Kind of reminds me of the movie "The Piano." Maybe you can build her a metal tail tip?

jungle boy

Savannah Super Cat
So sorry about your girl Trish. I have a question though, what does it mean to skin the tail? What kind of injury is that and how does it happen?