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Poor Yuki (need some insight)


Savannah Super Cat
Yuki has been depriving herself of quantities of food, mainly licking and nibbling for a while now. She does eat, and she remains very energetic and affectionate. She appears healthy in all other ways as well, even the vet says she seems fine except she is finicky.

Tonight I brought home half of a steak from my dinner out and cut it into strips and chunks for the cats. Paz didn't want it, he was begging for canned food instead. That left it all for Yuki and Yeti. I was happy to see her staying at the dish so I didn't pay attention to how she was taking it in.

A little later (about 10 minutes ago) she barfed it all up. She had inhaled it with minimal chewing. Very unexpected.

I'll be feeding her separate again a little later tonight.

Any thoughts on how to handle getting Yuki to eat normally again or if I should haul her to the vet? Her eyes are clear, her behavior normal, she uses the litter fine, drinks fine.

Could she have been taking advantage of having it to herself and been rushing to avoid Paz pushing her out of the dish?


Site Supporter
Mickey is dominated by the other two re: food. When he is left alone, he will eat himself sick given the chance. I have to separate him, and give him small amounts several times a day. I do leave dry out all day, and if I am not careful and he doesn't get enough of his wet food and meat, he will eat himself sick on the dry too.

Can you separate her at meal times? And give her a small amount several times per day? This works best for Mickey. . .


Staff member
If she has a clean bill of health from the vet, she may be self-regulating and eating just the amount she needs. Or she could be bored with the food. Do you try to vary their diet?


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Are her stools normal? I suspect she probably just really liked the steak so gulped it down. Try feeing her smaller quantities at a time, and feeding her separate from the other cats/competition may help her slow down as well. Throwing up one time would not have me rushing her to the vet.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Agreed, this likely was gulping her food that caused her to regurgitate it. Either feed in larger chunks that she has to chew up... or feed less at one sitting and just see. It's also possible she is not tolerant to beef if she's not used to that.

I think the suggestion of people to feed her on her own might be worth trialling...


Savannah Super Cat
I fed her half a small can of food by herself a bit later. she barfed up some of it, but kept the rest down.

She is part of a kittie pile right now and seems fne. (I woke up to check on her.)