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possible allergy?



We have two f5sbt male cats.

One has always been a bit of a sneezer. We put it down to a cold and he had drops and anti biotics.

Recently he has sounded a bit raspy and sneezes a lot. He occasionaly coughs as if he has a flemy throat.

I'm not sure if it's down to the house being dusty as we've had a little work done recently or if it's an allergy?

Common allergies? Help welcome :)

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
It could be allergies or asthma... cats are just as susceptible as we are to such things.

Did the drops and antibiotics resolve the "colds" he's had? Or has he almost constantly had them? IF so, then damage to the respiratory passages are possible, leading to chronic infections. But even then, a dusty house would exacerbate it.

Maybe a HEPA air cleaner might be worth putting in the house to see if it makes a difference?


Staff member
Do you live in a cold climate and have forced air heat? If so, humidifiers are necessary in the winter...

As Brigitte said, it could be allergies or asthma or both...but it could also be dry air, the dust and anything you have carpeting?


We live in Wales UK. So its about 2degrees outside at the minute so yes the heating is on a fair bit.

We recently bought our first house and its a 3 story house with carpet throughout. Its all in good condition but the house was stood unused for around 12 months before we bought it.

He's always had a sneeze, but he did have runny eyes and nose at first which we thought was a cold. He did seem to get better with drops and mouth spray. (he was very down and not as energetic when he had the suspected cold)

We took him to the vets this week and they weren't sure so they gave him steroids and antibiotics.

he seems to have been sneezing and coughing less since having them.

But at £60 a time that could be pretty expensive treatment :(

he's as active as ever now. running around with his brother terrorizing the house :)

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
Worth trying a different kitty litter. See if you can find one not so dusty. I've been down this path in the past, and after years, it turned out to be the dusty litter.


I have the following....

Worlds Best Clumping litter
OKO Cats Best Clumping
Wood Pellets

we're trying the worlds best this week.

and we've yet the try the wood pellets

are the pellets dusty?

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
I think you are on the other side of the pond. I don't recognize the products.
To be candid, we discovered the litter as the cause by complete accident. The new litter was on sale and we bought 50 pounds of it. Low and behold, two weeks later the sneezer stopped, and for the first time in years, acted like a normal younger cat.
What we did identify, the causative products were from China. Switching to Purina Tidy cats litter, which is made in the USA, was the solution. Could be the clay, could be the processing, could be a full moon.
Whatever, it worked. I don't try to fight success.

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
Also just found a product from Arm and Hammer, that seems to be very low dust. We use it on a partially quarantined DSH. This new stuff has the best odor control I have ever noticed.