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Possible Scam??? Need help!


Savannah Child
So I found a F2 for sale online just searching and it took me to their website. this website
They contacted me by email and it said this.

Hi Jay,

Thanks for the inquiry. We have a male F1 savannah kitten that suits your description, his name is Hercules, he is 12 weeks and ready to go, he will cost you $3500. Our kittens are raised in our home, wormed and litter box trained. They are accustomed to all the noises and inner workings of a family home and will make excellent family pets. We offer a life time support to all families that adopt our kittens. Hercules will come with the following:

  • Health Guarantee* 4yrs
  • Fully Tested
  • Up to date on shots
  • Worms and Parasites Tested
  • Health Letter Signed by Vet
  • Lifetime Support - Scratch Post Introduced
  • Litter Trained
  • Potty Trained
  • Health Insurance packet

By the way, where are you located? I will be looking out for your response so we can move to the next step. Let me know your thought, find pictures of the F1 savannah in the attachment.

Best Regards
Eldorado Exotics

And I called the number a few times and it's a google number not a true cell phone carrier.. And finally he called me back. He's African and I can barely understand him (not racist just saying). The cat isn't even on their website and he said the F1 is 70% serval....Is that even possible?? He said he's SUPER friendly, which I didn't think many f1's were? And I can paypal him or wire the money to his bank... Any help would be great!


Site Supporter
Staff member
Without a shadow of a doubt that is a scammer. Many inconsistencies in their info, as well as most of their kitten descriptions are stolen from F1 Hybrids website. And the prices are not right either. A 70% F1 (which is possible) would be well over $16,000 USD, probably closer to $20,000 USD.


Savannah Child
OH wow!! I knew it didn't add up... I knew the video they sent of the cat didn't add up either (besides only white hands petting the cat) the photos of the cat didn't even match the same cat in the video! That many people are doing this then huh?!


Site Supporter
Staff member
They say all their cats are show quality and SBT, yet they only sell F1-F3 and the first gen you can get an SBT (which you need up be show eligible) is F4. Says they are in America yet the University they HCM screen their cats at is in Canada. Says kittens are TICA and CCA-AFC registered, yet TICA is the only registry that accepts Savannah’s.


Savannah Child
That's crazy... I knew it didn't add up.. It's too bad because out of all the breeders I talk to, none have sent videos of them petting the cat showing how friendly they are.


Savannah Super Cat
Sounds super shady, agree with DumaLove regarding this being a scammer and prices for a 70%. F1s are difficult to breed due to Serval/domestic crossing and lead to small litters/infertility which inflates price. Last 59% I saw was 15k and that was four years ago.

Never wire money for a pet deposit, that should be a number one red flag for fraud. It's unfortunate the world we live in some days.

Report to Attorney General if you have all their info or you can pm me info and I will. If it is overseas, it probably won't matter.

Nice looking out! Hopefully you have helped others not to be taken advantage of.

PS - F1s bond strongly with their humans and can be incredibly loving and affectionate. They are usually only suspicious of strangers.