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Todd L

Savannah Super Cat
Dunno but it happens to me a lot. Lol. My sv will attack me till I wske up and play fetch with him. Usually around 4am when n a good dream.

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Is pouncing on me while I'm in bed at 5 AM a sign of affection, or is it predatory behavior?
I'd have to say it's play, so would fall under both? I'd never get any sleep here if I let my cats sleep with me at night lol. They get to "snuggle" (which really means pounce all over me), while I'm reading, but they get kicked out of my room when I'm ready to actually sleep.


Thanks all. Yes, I do put him out if he persists at that ungodly hour. Sometimes he settles down and lets me go back to sleep, but if it goes on for more than 5-10 minutes, out he goes.

Of course, that's not including the fact that he carefully measures my queen bed and always lies down dead center of it. When it's time for me to get into bed, I gently nudge him towards one side. Sometimes he sees this as play, and sometimes he remains immobile. Always full of surprises!


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my cats jump and play, when I go to sleep. They begin to fight for a place under the covers next to me. And my favorite male Ambiente wakes me at 5.30 in the morning sometimes (very often),starting peeing on me;)


Omg your cat wakes you up by peeing on you?!! That's terrible! Mine has done that..... She doesn't come in my room anymore! If I can help it.....