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Prayers and good thoughts are needed



I am posting on Paige's behalf. Zuri is spending the night at the Emergency Vet Clinic. It seems she has an infection of some sort and after an earlier trip took a turn for the worse. Paige is preparing to bottle the babies and has her hands full at this time. I know she will do a wonderful job, but I also know we all are very nervous when we are faced with this for the first time. Paige is always willing to help in any way she can when a problem arises. She really needs those prayers and healing thoughts for Zuri and those precious little ones.I wish I could reach through the phone..take the babies, feed them and then hand them back to her. Since that is not prayers are with her tonight.


Site Supporter
Thank you so much for the update Shelby. My prayers and healing thoughts are definitely sent. I wish there was some magic button to make it all better.


I know...I told her I would be there with her bottle feeding if we were closer. I know her hands are full and I want Zuri to bounce back and jump back in there with thos precious little ones. I know her plate is too full right now;>( We all are praying hard here.

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Shelby, thank you for keeping us are heaven sent for Paige right now.

I wish I was closer, too. I'd be there in a heartbeat....