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Prayers for Benny...


Savannah Super Cat
Our lovely little silver F4 boy that lives in SF with his family escaped and was hit by a car. He is being treated now with broken ribs and who knows what else. Thankfully, his microchip was scanned and I was called as well as the owner. I am praying for his survival- it will be a long painful road for him. Fingers crossed.

Benny and his brother contracted a very bad URI at 5 weeks old- his brother died from pneumonia when they were small and he was alone, so he was raised in my daughter's room. He barely survived as well. He is a special boy to us. Fearless no less so I could see how he would walk into traffic.:(


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Wow, i am so sorry to hear about Benny :(

Prayers for his recovery...sounds like he has been through enough in his short life.


Savannah Super Cat
Yeah, thanks. I have tried to call his owner and just got voicemail. The facility/vet wouldn't give me details as I am not the owner. I should have said I am his Godmother or something. Very worried. Thank GOD for microchips.


Savannah Super Cat
Got a hold of his owner. Apparently, her patio door blew open and he decided to jump off their 4th floor balcony while she was out. He broke his jaw and has some contusions to his lungs but is fine otherwise. I am relieved. Poor Benny will have his jaw set but hopefully will make a full recovery. He was walking around a purring after the incident. Leave it to a Savannah to try to be superman.


Awww, I feel like he's a little extended family member. So glad he's doing better.