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Pricilla F3


Savannah Super Cat
Would not come out of carrier for a day, finally took door off. It seems to be her favorite retreat.
Seal spotted lynx (tabby) point. sire SBT dam B2S. Has TICA number and some I have no idea what they mean, one starts with SVN F
Anyway, I understand these don't really meet the breed standard, but price sure doesn't reflect that. I thought she was gorgeous. Ears maybe a little small I suppose, no ocilli on back of ears, oh well, next time. Has Serval, Egyptian mau and a Marbled Bengal in the Dams blodline, the Marbled Bengal surprised me.


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Yes that carrier is way too small.

But she is a nice girl.

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I wonder why cats like to sleep n awkward positions and try to fit where they don't? She is very pretty.


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She is lovely!
She reminds me of our seal point F4 boy Mickey, when he arrived, he was white-on-white, and in the photo in my avatar he was white and grey, he is now white, brown, and gold.