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Princess Fiji - F3 Beauty


Savannah Super Cat
After weeks of browsing SV Facebook pages and websites and crying and lonlieness.. I have done it. I have fallen in love with a beautiful F3C girl- Fiji. Fiji is a sweetheart from RiverRidge Savannahs in West Virginia. I will be picking her up hopefully on Monday the 16th. She was spayed yesterday(the 9th).

I am so head over heels in love with this girl. She is 4 months old. I have received more video and pictures of this baby than I know what to do with. But they let me see her move and I know she is healthy, sweet and playful.

I originally disliked the name 'Fiji' and thought of calling her 'Raina'. But the name has grown on me so much. I think I'll save 'Raina' for when I get another SV in the future. <3

Anywho! Enough with the talking! On with the pictures! <3

11005654_544327689043098_1771464118_n.jpg 11016626_544327712376429_2049211145_n.jpg fiji.jpg 10689508_541806845961849_7699092436527918839_n.jpg 11004327_542482209227646_665568837_n.jpg

The last picture was taken today after her spay. She looks so exhausted!


This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship I believe <3​

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Congratulations on pretty Fiji joining your home :)

I look forward to more pics and tales to tell when she arrives!


Staff member
I am so glad you have found a kitty who has already wormed her way into your heart. I am looking forward to her homecoming, and expecting many pics to follow!!


Reincarnated cat Moderator
Congratulations Stormi. Fiji is a real beauty. I am sure she will keep you busy training you to be her servant. Hug her for me when she finally comes home. <3 :)

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
Glad to see you're jumping into the pool! You'll never regret it!;)

Ok, folks.... what's the over under before she gets her second?:rolleyes:


Savannah Super Cat
There were a lot of memories I was not able to make with Teuks. I wanted to choose a SV as a kitten again, but I feel more comfortable with a slightly older one(4 mo.). I know she is healthy, have seen videos and such to prove it and know her personality. I really do feel she'll be a great family member. <3