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Printer vs Amara vs Me afterwards

David Z

Site Supporter
So I have a Canon ts9020 and Amara hates it, the printer automatically sends out the paper tray and retracts when's it's done.
Amara stares at it and get so angry.
Today I was printing and she was staring at it, I went to touch her and she about did a backflip, I think I scared her cause she was so focused on figuring out how to kill the printer she didn't relize it was me, after landing she jumped back up.
I reached my hand out and she started smacking my hand hard, no claws just a smack with force was a pretty hillarious interaction.


Staff member
Too funny, I would have loved to have seen that back flip! Sounds like you need to desensitize her to the monster...
None of my cats are afraid of my printer but I have one who loves to attack the paper when it is coming out, especially if I am printing on two sides and it goes back into the machine - he is a stealth hunter so half the time I don't even spy him sneaking up to the printer until I see him lunge for it... then of course I have to start the print job all over again...


Site Supporter
What wonderful private entrainment. Hope desensitizing works, less insentence stress and less attack mode. I also would of enjoyed seeing the impromptu back flip!