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If you are not a site supporter, you cannot view profiles, see the member list, PM more than one person or change your can also not use an image in your signature or links...

This is to protect members and give special privileges to those who support the is $25/year to become a site supporter, so if you fund this site useful, you may want to contribute!


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How do you set it up so that it is yearly? I made a donation late last year but it apparently was just a 1 shot deal so I am not a "site supporter".


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Click on your username at the top of the forum on the right hand side and then click on account upgrade...this will give you the automatic payment set up...and it can be a one shot deal, but has to be $25...but...that only lasts a year, so automatic payments work much better :)


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I will be donating once I recieve my sv and get all the initial cost out of the way. you guys have helped me so much. And put up with me lol. I want to give back for all the help. And loving consideration you have all put into this forum. I feel honored to be able to talk to you all

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