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Pros and Cons of Owning a Savannah


Savannah Kitten
Hey I've been doing extensive research on owning a Savannah cat but I wanted to know what you guys think the Pros and Cons of owning a Savannah Cat? If you have any stories or tips you could share that would be great! Thank you!

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Pros are the entertainment value and the companionship. And they look pretty cool. They make great "nurses" when you are sick in bed, and they can make you laugh even when you feel sick or are sad...and they are amazingly graceful at times. Other times pure klutz.

The con is that you are always attempting to stay one step ahead of them because they are way too smart for their own good. You can't leave stuff out, you can't fool them. They are not just pretty ornaments so unless you crave an interactive kitty they aren't for you.


And her brother Crazy !
I don't think there are any cons except waking up earlier than you would like!! Having to be neat is just a perk!! LOL... and how can there be any Cons with pics like this!!! Crazy.jpg 1452310_10201356436752054_410356942415448231_n[1].jpg tri tongue:


Site Supporter
Pros: they are some of the most loving creatures I have ever encountered. They run to meet us at the door, purring and head butting. They snuggle every night. They never want to be far away. They love indiscriminately. I've never shared my home with creatures like SV's before. They make me laugh loudly every day, they remind me not to take myself so seriously, and they keep me in check with materialism (come to Jesus moments usually involve them chewing my newest jimmy choos -Jarvis likes the way the leather tastes - or shredding my new clothes when they jump up to be held). They do make us be clean- dirty clothes disappear if left on the floor, and food on the counter will be gone by morning. They force me to use Tupperware.
They are playful. They are fun. They are funny. They are big love bugs who just want to be with you all the time. At least my three are.

Cons: they can be destructive. They can be persistent at inconvenient times, or with dangerous things (D keeps tripping the breaker by biting the apple chords). They really do need a lot of activity. They are not always bright. Mickey and Jarvis both tried to eat my litigation binders last weekend (I had a trial on Monday) and Jarvis kept putting his paw in the hole-punch. They are not safe around candles (keep getting to close and end up with singed whiskers- now candles in my house are dust collectors). They will make you homebodies, you won't want to leave them. And you will miss them terribly and plot with your spouse to bring them on your next trip when you do go away :)

The cons list isn't really a "cons" list for me. I wouldn't trade the nicest shoes or the most perfect house in the world for them. But you have to be willing to accept that your kitty may just shred your shirt when the firetruck comes down your street for the first time, or that you may get a cat who likes to wake you up every morning at 2:30 on the dot because he wants to be held with BOTH hands, or that you may get a baby with a sensitive stomach who comes to cuddle when he doesn't feel well and then throws up all over you by accident (sheets are in the wash as I type). My only real con is that they do stupid things and scare the daylights out of me. And that is only because I love them so much and I worry about my silly boys accidentally hurting themselves.

As Bridget said, they are not pretty ornaments- but they sure are a lot of fun :)


Savannah Super Cat
i agree with everyone i am a new savannah momma and my baby boy freddy is so amazing he wakes me up sometimes around 8am or other times he will wait till i wake up and i am always greated with a few meows followed by a loud long meow ( thats him saying are u awake momma? please wake up momma. momma stay awake with me and play please momma!!) he snuggles all the time i truly feel that you must be ready to live with a 2 or 3 year old for a few years whom im feel is exacly like a 2 or 3 year old who isnt able to talk fully and is able to hide far more easy then any human at any age they will love you to the end of days and the choice to get one should be like adopting a young child who wont grow up they are constant work and you will always be thinking about them and wanting to be with them at all times just like they feel about you they can get needy at time which i am loving freddy he is extreamly picky with his treats so be prepared to come accross some things that will take some money and patience to figure out may it be the treats issues or picky food or toys or something but it never matters because they are so amazing you will want to spoil them as much as you can so it wont matter how much money or time it takes.
you have to know that savannahs are not like other cats they are different in many ways they require specail treatments sometimes. just make sure to do lots of research (wich i can tell you are doing and doing well) and take some time to make sure you are ready because they dont do good with rehoming so its not good if you are not ready. one thing i made sure to do was i moved into a larger house with a good area and large property to make sure he will have as much space as he will need to play and be healthy then i made sure me and my husband were ready to make sure our savannah is apart of every plan we make about life such as if we ever have to move or if any medical issues arrise ( for us and for our savannah) we wanted to make sure everything was in order before we got him and that included savannah proofing our house and no matter what you will have to follow your savannah around for a few days to find any places or things you have missed. thay will supprise you everyday and they will make you increadably happy no matter what is happening now they also throw temmpertantrums so make sure you are ready for some scratches but if you work hard and fast you can help them grow out of the tempertantrums just make sure you use positive reinforcement and treats when they are earned or just good :sneaky: they are amazing! they take dedication and a boat load of love and care :in love: