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Pull baby teeth?


Savannah Super Cat
My Vet is suggesting that I have Mikas baby teeth removed while she is getting spayed. He said this is done to allow new teeth to come in. Does this sound right?


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Staff member
I've never heard of doing that. What was the vets reasoning behind it? IMO you wouldn't want to pull baby teeth as they will get pushed out by the adult teeth when they are ready to come in. What happens if you pull the baby teeth but the adult teeth aren't ready to come in for a while??
Seth had 2 fangs each side at some point, it looked funny, but baby teeth just fell at some point after (we found just one). Vet didn’t even recommend it at the time. I wouldn’t remove baby teeth personally. Nature knows best.

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Connie P.

Savannah Super Cat
My Vet is suggesting that I have Mikas baby teeth removed while she is getting spayed. He said this is done to allow new teeth to come in. Does this sound right?
No way. I have had cats my entire life and have never heard of this. Also, as a dental hygienist, I haven’t either.

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John Popp

Site Supporter
No way! Shark teeth are awesome if you're lucky enough for your cat to have them for a few days or a week.

Also, as a comment I have never made here before, I would get a new vet.


Savannah Super Cat
I have never heard of anything like that before. How old is Mika?

I know that in very rare circumstances the baby teeth don't fall out and have to be removed, but you would give them a chance to do it on their own first. If the adult teeth are not already erupted (and retained teeth still there) and they have not done xrays to determine what is going on, I would definitely be finding another vet.


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That sounds like cruel and unusual torture! I'd look for a new vet asap if there isn't a very solid - health-threatening - reason behind that suggestion.


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Yeah, giving her a sore mouth on top of a stitched up belly......there had better be a damn good reason behind it. I for one loved seeing Rafiki with the double sharks teeth fangs top and bottom.


Savannah Super Cat
they do it to make sure the cat has lost all its baby teeth
if some baby teeth dont fall out it could lead to problems in the future
your cat will be out while getting spayed so they figure do it now rather then have to put her under again at a later date if the teeth do pose a problem

how old is your kitten? she must be atleast 8 months if they were thinking of doing that


Savannah Super Cat
Thanks for all the input. It seems we're all in agreement that this should not be done, especially preemptively. I questioned the vet and they said it is just a standard "checkbox" on the admission form. Either way it does sound quite barbaric. Mika just turned 9 months and I feel bad enough letting them cut her open and rip out her parts. I did tell them to make sure they align the spots when they sew her up!