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Purchasing an f6 and f2.

Alicia may

Savannah Kitten
Im thinking about purchasing 2 savannah kittens, a f2 male neutered and a f6 female spayed. I just can't decide to I figured get them both. They are approx 2 weeks apart. What should I expect.. bad idea or good idea? Anyone else have an f2 and f6? Are they much different? How are there behaviors? Is it better to get them while they are younger or wait to buy a 2nd one later on? First time savannah owner. Any advice helps. I think I know what I'm getting myself into. Lol

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member

My preference would be to get one first and then the second later on, but many decide to get the two at the same time. The biggest downside I see is that your two kittens likely will bond strongly to each other and may not need YOU so much, while if you have one first you can establish that bond before you introduce a second...and by quarantining the second have an opportunity to establish that bond before introductions. But others worry that the first kitten would be lonely on its that is really a personal call :)


Staff member
I think you will find the personalities are different but some of that will be gender as well as generation. I agree that bringing two kittens home at the same time will impede on their bonding to you, but if you can quarantine them separately for the first couple of weeks you should be able to establish that bond with them. Are they from the same cattery and do they know each other? If not, then separate quarantine would be strongly recommended anyway.