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Purchasing Forti Flora

Angie Panczak

Savannah Super Cat
Hi, I would like to start adding Forti Flora to weaning kits and pregnant/nursing moms diets. Does anyone know where to get it cheaper on the Internet?

Trish Allearz

I'm not sure price-wise if it's better or not, but you can pick up Lactinex, which is the basic premise of Fortiflora, at your local pharmacy and grind the tablets and toss them in your cats' food. Fortiflora is basically the good bacteria found in yogurt, which promotes a healthy gut- Lactinex is the same thing :) I've used it countless times with tummy upsets.


Staff member
I use probios as well...the cats lick it off my fingers...they love it!

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I paid $20.50 for 30 packets thru Medi-Vet Animal Health. I found them thru Amazon. Shipping was free. I wanted to stick with the Fortiflora because Purina adds something tasty to the probiotics. I heard from a vet that it is the same stuff they coat their dry food with. My pixie-bob Jammu gets really picky about food sometimes and snubs his raw. I have to give him some variety so every few days I either add Fortiflora or I add some cooked chicken or a tablespoon of Halo or Wellness cat food to get him eating again. Thank goodness I do not have this problem with Rafiki!

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I guess it must be an individual cat thing, I've not found that my cats like the taste of Fortiflora at all, but love Probios and Proviable.