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Purina Dog Chow??? Cats

John Campbell

Site Supporter
Staff member
Is Dog Food bad for Savannah's.. Today I caught Elsa eating a piece of Dog Food (Dry Purina Dog Chow) and tonight she started eating another piece... She is not eating much. She has plenty of her own dry food available all the time as well as wet much of the time... Any opinions... There is not anywhere I can put Jake's food to where Elsa can't get too it.

John Campbell

Site Supporter
Staff member
I think it is fine as snack, just not a complete diet for cats.

I saw something at the pet store that maybe would work, it was an automated bowl feeder with a collar tag so that only the pet with the tag could open the feeder...
I was looking into one of those... They are a little pricy, but have considered... She is not eating much, one piece earlier today and one this evening... Will keep tabs on how much she is really eating... It is not much... She picks up one piece at a time and then carries it off somewhere to eat it.


Staff member
Commercial dog food has insufficient amounts of protein, Vitamin A, Taurine, and arachidonic acid. Their requirements are quite different than cats. As Brigitte said, as an occasional treat, it's ok but probably better to keep her from getting hooked on it.


Animal Communicator
Zeddie has done this with my dogsitting pooch's food. He is a little mi-ki, so the food is on her level, and her size. Once I stopped caring, she stopped eating it. Same with the bird food. She used to snag it out of their cages, open bins, bite through bags, anything to get at fruity pellets. My mom gave her a full bowl of pellets and she was like "....this isn't fun" and has never tried to steal them again
I wouldn't overly care as long as she's not basing her diet off the dog food-- and I'm sure you'd know if she is :) Heck, I have a wallaby who eats the dog food and the dogs eat the wallaby food-- so who am I to talk?