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Queen .. weight gain during gestation.


Savannah Super Cat
Hy everyone, need your feedback and experiences.

My F3C queen gained a lot and I want to make sure there is no extra risk for the birth to come.
She is usually around 12,5 to 13,5 pounds, she just turned 2 last month. Second litter.
She is almost 14' at the shoulders and 15,5 at the hips.

I weighted her today at day 64, and she is at 16,2 pounds (3 times the same result). I am a bit worried of the size of the kittens to come. I don't know how many, last time she had 3 big kittens, one hour appart. The biggest was a girl at 123 gr. But what worries me is the amount of fat I can feel on herself, I am afraid the kittens are going to be fatter this time, and harder for mom.

Also, the kittens are more tight than first litter and hard to count, I see them kicking. The kittens are not low, she doesn't make the nest or rip cardboard (as she usually does). I will try not to worry as long as her appetite is good and she is herself, until day 70.

She is eating a lot of raw rabbit and beef (twice a day, already prepared), she doesn't want the chicken. She was eating EVO dry also before the recall, she is having "oven bake" grain free dry food instead. I don't restrict her. Should I give her less ??
Should I watch her very closely (every hour) ?

I had litters, but never a gain like this for a queen. Maybe weight her at the vet, but don't want to stress her for nothing serious.

Pictures of her today
margot-64jr-16lb.jpg margot64jr.jpg
margot fat.jpg


Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Gosh...I just don't know here. I have never weighed my queens during pregnancy, but do monitor their weight gain by feel...some do seem to gain more weight than others.

I would let your girl eat as much as she wants. If you think the babies feel more packed in and bigger than before, you might keep your vet on alert to a possible c-section. That is what I do. My vet knows when my girls are due, just in case....

If she is eating well, pooping and peeing normally and seems fine otherwise, a trip to the vet is probably unnecessary at this point, especially if it stresses her out.

She sounds like a good sized girl, and most likely will go on to have a normal delivery, since she had a normal delivery the first time. I'd keep an extra eye on her for any abnormal changes, but I do that anyway with all my girls when they are expecting :)


Savannah Super Cat
thank you Pam
I will try to not stress, but she is very special to me, my first savannah, and I cannot help myself.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I don't know, I've never had one pack on weight to that extent in a pregnancy such that I worry about fat like that. I'd think if she's birthed fine last time all should be well...but understand your concern.

Hope all goes well!

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
It's so hard not to stress with our cats, especially the mommas. And I understand about your girl being special as your first Savannah. My first SV is very dear to me, too. I tend to stress and worry about all of them until the babies are safely here and momma is doing well, too :) Even afterward, I am a worry wart, checking on them probably too much!


Savannah Super Cat
Actually I found some info about max weight gain for a cat. They can gain up to 40% of their original weight. She is still under 40%, so no panic....

She is at day 67 today, babies are moving a lot more and getting in position. She look a bit incumfortable since last night. I think it's for very soon.


Savannah Super Cat
yes, I am at home and don't sleep a lot. I want to be there to support her.
I fell it's very close.
Thank You ambiante, i will try not to worry.