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Question about bottle feeding...

Alex and Katie

Savannah Super Cat
My F2 will be coming home on September 8th and I would like to bottle feed him to aid in the bonding process. Is this something that is discouraged of he is already eating solid foods? Just from my past experience with exotics I know that nothing says I love mommy better than a bottle fed baby. If it is ok to continue with bottle feeding mixed in with solid feedings I'd appreciate any suggestions on what brand milk to get and what kind of bottles to use. Thanks!


Staff member
Your F2 savannah cat is not considered an an exotic - servals are exotic...savannahs are not...if your kitten is already eating solid food, then I would not bottle feed. You want them to eat solid food, not be fed from a bottle - eating solid food is part of kitten development. You should feed whatever the breeder has been giving your kitten, so as not to upset your kitten's digestive system.

Bonding will take place during the quarantine period (2 weeks) and thereafter, when you spend one on one time with your kitten.

Alex and Katie

Savannah Super Cat
Ok sounds good. No bottle for baby zuri. If he's anything like my F3 Kovu, bonding won't be a problem. I guess the bottle was more for me than for him haha. Thanks :)

Sue Armstrong

Site Supporter
You would never be able to get your F2 to take a bottle unless he is already on one, although should certainly be off of it by the time he goes to you. Trying to get an older kitten to take a bottle would be nearly impossible and you also take the chance of him aspirating and getting pneumonia. Just not a good idea. The baby will bond without it no problem. :)


Staff member
I was about to say the same thing as Sue - unless the kitten has been on, and continues to be bottle fed it is unlikely that he will transition to a bottle. I even had a baby that I bottled until the day he went to his new home because his new mom wanted to bottle him - well he wouldn't take a bottle from her for anything - I guess it had to be me or no one...