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Question about quarantine..


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We are t-minus 3 days until we bring Callie home! I understand the 2 week quarantine, but do I let her out for short explorations (supervised) around the house at any point during the quarantine? We don't have any other pets.

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This was just being discussed on another thread: I would recommend you keep your kitten in the quarantine room for the full two weeks. Regardless of how she behaves when she comes out of the carrier she will be stressed and will need time to adjust to her new surroundings. She also needs time to bond to you and if she is distracted by a strange new environment this could be impeded.

Once she is comfortable in her quarantine room, knows where the food, water, and litter box is, then you can consider a slow introduction to other parts of the house. I usually recommend only adding one additional room every few days or so.

These are generalizations of course - if she is busting at the seams, and busting out of her room to go exploring then you can ease up on the quarantine period. Just remember that distractions - new room, curtains to climb, lamp to knock over, couch to explore under, etc. are all distractions that could take precedence over her bonding process with you. Not that you want her to be bored, but YOU should be the primary source of her entertainment for the first couple of weeks of her new life in your home, until the bonding process has been completed.


Savannah Super Cat
The two week wait really helps bond :) our newest addition Biz will now follow us around the house with a cat catcher, like he'll bring it to you in the shower, wherever he doesn't care. Lol!

Biz was busting to get out and really lovey dovey so we blocked off all the rooms and let him downstairs. Where it's all open. We also had another SV so there were challenges there.

We didn't really quarantine our first one Jengo until later because he was let out of the carrier in our big room downstairs and he ran to hide behind the tv then under some canisters on the counter. We had to let him kind of come out on his own. It took him awhile to find the room intended for him and when he did he ran under the bed and stayed for awhile. That's when we were able to do the quarantine.

Having done it both ways I will say Biz is better for the quarantine. He would be so excited to see us, lots of love and play time. Since he's been out of quarantine he's a little less lovey because he's so hyper. A bit of me misses the lovey excitement. I'm now the mistress of the food and cat catcher, lol. Jengo so super lovey now that's he older so I still have my lap kitty but once they get going and comfortable their attention span is on toys, food and play. So those two weeks are really nice :)