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Question on Bengals

Laura W

Savannah Super Cat
I know many of the folks here have experience with Bengals. Dolos is now about 16 weeks. Looks like her spots are changing to rosettes with more shading and definition , and her coloring is more red with gold tips.....which makes me quite happy, she is really pretty even though she is still in the fuzzy stage. When do you normally see these changes? Is it any permanent changes to what her adult appearance will be?


Savannah Super Cat
Mine are a year old and I swear they keep getting darker and more reddish. Even in the past few months 1 of them has seemed to have gotten a thicker almost shaggy coat. Then one out of the 3 though is more of a cooler brown with sort of silver appearance, he hasn't change with his markings, coat or coat. I had another one a few years bag and he had the pelt like coat until he was about a year and then it got courser and very scruffy. Not sure why though

Laura W

Savannah Super Cat
Her fur is really soft and thick. It shimmers in the light. Her momma was a silver and her daddy was a beautiful deep red with gorgeous rosettes.


Staff member
I have no experience with Bengals, so will let others answer ;) But I have heard that Bengals "glitter" - a trait we do not want in Savannahs :eek:


Keljin's mom is a Bengal, technically he could be registered as both Savannah or Bengal. He has some rosettes, and some solid spots. When he was a baby all of them looked like big solid inky blotches, but as he got older the rosettes got bigger and more spread out and even more contrast. I noticed some reddish coming out on him too, mainly on the edges of his belly, and down the center of his back.

I'm not sure if age has anything more to do with it than size really, as their bodies grow bigger the spots have more room to stretch out. I haven't owned any other Bengals before either, so I am not sure what else to say other than my experience in watching Keljin grow up.


Savannah Super Cat
Laura, the shimmer you see is what they call "glitter" and is beautiful when the sunlight hits their fur. I didn't get my bengal until she was almost a year, so I unfortunately missed the kitten stage ...

Trish Allearz

Yep, you are right, Paige! We don't want glitter on our Savannahs- but we do get it! And those glittered coats feel different too- so super soft! This is Bug- he is an F6 SBT and yes, he is glittered, but we figured he was pretty nice regardless!


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