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Savannah Super Cat
Could it be a sign of ownership? Triton always has to be right by the box when we're cleaning it. Our Bengal will hop right in and void while we're busy scooping. Maybe they have the same kind of anxiety about their eliminations as children do during potty training. Crazy cats! :lol:


I have a litterbox in my bathroom. Whenever I go to the bathroom, the boys will go with me. Kinda reminds me of that song "Meetin' in the Ladies Room."

On a more serious note, they like a clean toilet. They always jump in while I'm cleaning. I mean, who wouldn't? Plus they have to inspect to make sure it's properly cleaned. That is their job, as boss and supreme leader over, well, everything.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
It might be that you being near the litterbox reminds them that they need to use it? And as mentioned, cleaning a litterbox is telling them it's time to use it... always works around here!


Staff member
Same with me...every time I clean the litterbox, Cinny and Ixas decide to use it...they are the only ones who do that though...


My litter box is in a bathroom. If I peek in to check the latest poop, he tries to update the poop. Sometimes, only a little ball, like rabbit scat comes out.


Loyal Servant
I am with B it's a reminder for my little one. If I go she supervises or does herself. She will come running at me with a toy half the time with intent to jump on the counter to watch or possibly drop it in the bowl before I am done. I have mastered the elbow, arm, torso shield maneuver.


Alas I couldn't find a clip, but Peter Macnicol in Ally Mcbeal keeps playing in my head... "I like a clean bowl." (preceded by his remote control flush)