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Rabies Vaccine


Savannah Super Cat
How many of you have vaccinated your SV for rabies? Mine had his kitten vaccines before I got him but the breeder did not want him to have rabies until he was older. He is now 5 months and I am wondering how important/safe it is for a SV to have the rabies vaccine if he is an indoor cat (with occasional car and leash outings) that is not going to travel. My other two cats have always had a yearly rabies vaccine even though they are indoor.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
It can depend on where you live and whether it is required or not. For an indoor only cat in a state or county that does not require it, there likely is little reason to do it. Here in CA it is not required, and my vet doesn't advise it unless I am taking a cat to cat shows, in which case I may fly into a location that requires it.


Staff member
It all depends on your state laws - most states require rabies for cats. Mine does not and I do not vaccinate for rabies unless I am shipping a kitten to a state or country that does.