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Rafiki "I want ...."


Site Supporter
This is how Rafiki tells us she "wants something". {turn sound off - forgive the awful TV noise!}

In this case, she wants us to open the lid of the ottoman full of cat toys.
She also does this to ask us to lift the lid of the toilet because sewer rat toy needs water-boarding
or that we have been in the shower long enough and she wants us to come out now
or the laying down version means she wants a belly rub.

How does your kitty tell you he/she wants something?



Staff member
That is darn cute. Juba does a version of that (which I will officially name The Rafiki) in front of the fridge to tell me that he is starving to death. Maliik runs up and down the hall until I figure out what he wants which requires a lengthy process of elimination. Taji sits in front of me and does this little meow with a quivering lower lip indicating that it's time for the feather wand to appear. Atticus, well this is a cat who brought a gallon jug milk container to bed last night so he is the most adept of making his wishes known in more ways than I can possibly describe.


Site Supporter
Tojo goes all around the house knocking things over that make noise when he wants food- usually when he's not happy with the food he's been served. If we don't jump up right away he goes into our tile floored and walled bathroom and tugs on the metal trash can in there just enough to loudly bang against the wall but never knocks it over! Never have understood why he doesn't come up to us and meow for food.