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Rafiki needs your prayers


Site Supporter
Prayers needed for Rafiki.

She has been acting off for the past week or so. Appetite and energy are fine but she is intolerant of Jammu and much more skittish than normal.

She has been shaking her ears some and does not like me to touch the right one (not unusual) that previously had the mycoplasma infection. The ears look pretty good though.

A couple of days ago, I thought that I felt a lump on the back of her left leg but couldn't feel the other leg for comparison. Last night I did. She has a sizeable lump on the back of her left leg....where there are lymph nodes.

I called the vet and he will squeeze us in between appointments at 3:30. I am very scared. Rafiki is a 5 year old F3C.



Site Supporter
On the positive side, she was not running a fever and it is not the lymph node. He does not know what this is but the cells looked abnormal under the microscope. We should have results back from the biopsy in a few days. Her right ear was gunky again so they cleaned that and are having it cultured. They also did blood work to check her liver enzymes and that should be back in a day or two.

Has anyone gone thru something similar?

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
They looked like tissue cells though and not fat cells? I don't like it when they say "abnormal" but it might well be a benign type of growth. I remember freaking out once when Nina had a soft lump on her hip...turned out to be a benign lipoma. Thinking positive thoughts for you <3


Staff member
Oh gosh Linda, praying for Rafiki - she has been through so much!!! Please keep us posted when you get the biopsy results!!!