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Raised Feeding Bowls

When I was shopping for raised feeding bowls, I stumbled on some similar to these. Loved the modern look. Definitely nice looking! I had a DSH though with a terrible acne problem and was advised to switch to glass or ceramic bowls as they stay cleaner. I have used glass and ceramic since. Here are the ones that I ended up with (and they didn't break the bank!)

they come in black, blue or red!


Staff member
LOL, Brigitte! I wonder why Missy doesn't pee in the raised one? How strange :oops:

I have a single and the asian...I prefer the single...

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I guess when it is perched up on a height it's not as easy to squat in...she's a decently large cat and it's not a huge bowl. I had to find something that lifted it up a reasonable height to make it work with her... took a bit of trial and error to find out how to do it...and then Bobo had to go and develop kidney failure so we took kibble away anyway!